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Illinois Project for Local Assessment of Needs (IPLAN)* 2019-2021

In August 2013, a group of community leaders formed Impact DuPage, a county-wide initiative aimed at creating a common understanding of community needs, gaps, and priorities that will advance the well-being of the DuPage County community. The initiative uses a collective impact approach - a common agenda, shared measurement, mutually reinforcing activities, continuous communication, and a strong backbone - to drive DuPage forward.

IPLAN Process and Assessments

Using MAPP*, Impact DuPage completed a county-wide assessment in 2018. The components of this assessment can be viewed here.

Community Health Improvement Plan

Results from the four Impact DuPage assessments (Forces of Change Assessment, Landscape Review, Local System Assessment, and Community Profile) were used to help Impact DuPage identify strategic issues. Existing coalitions, where applicable, will be identified within each issue area to develop and implement goals and strategies. The action plans developed by each of these coalitions will be adopted as the Health Department's Community Health Improvement Plan, which is the Health Department's strategic plan for addressing top health priorities in DuPage County.

To track DuPage County's progress towards reaching goals and completing strategies in the 2016-2018 Community Health Improvement Plan, click HERE. To stay up to date on local efforts, sign up for the Impact DuPage newsletter.

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IPLAN:The IPLAN was developed by the Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH) and outlines the five year strategic planning activities required for certification as a 'Certified Local Health Department.' Click HERE to view a brief history of IPLAN in Illinois and DuPage County.

Mobilizing for Action through Planning and Partnership (MAPP) - MAPP is a community-wide strategic planning tool used for improving public health by helping communities prioritize public health issues, identifying resources for addressing those issues, and taking action.