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Life saved during Hinsdale parade shows importance of CPR

Wed July 13, 2011

DUPAGE COUNTY-Have you ever thought about taking a CPR class, but didn't think you had the time? A marcher in the Hinsdale Independence Day Parade was happy other parade participants had taken the time to learn CPR, because it saved his life.

The Hinsdale Suburban Life reported the following story on July 5 about these life-saving heroics:

A member of a Civil War reenactment group collapsed during the morning parade, according to the newspaper. The victim was fortunate in many ways. First, the float behind him carried doctors and nurses from the Adventist Hinsdale Hospital who immediately came to the victim's rescue with their knowledge of CPR. Second, a nearby policeman luckily was carrying an AED. Emergency responders used the AED to revive the victim. Those elements combined to save the life of this fortunate 61-year-old man.

One witness told the newspaper: "What makes this so miraculous is that had the intervention not started right when it did, he would have died." That is the reason why CPR training and AED usage are so vital. If used quickly they will save lives.

This incident could have happened to any of us while enjoying time with family and friends if someone of any age happens to collapse with Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA), which is the leading cause of death in DuPage County.

To help prevent SCA, the DuPage County Health Department launched a Start The Heart campaign in 2010 to raise awareness among residents about the life-saving value of learning CPR, along with the usage of automated external defibrillators (AEDs).

 Today, the Health Department offers CPR training through Start The Heart. To see an instructional video and register for a class go to

 SCA kills 325,000 people in the United States annually, including 21,000 in Illinois. Many victims of SCA can be saved by rapid defibrillation (shocking of the heart). In fact, if defibrillation is available in the first 60 seconds of SCA, the chance of survival approaches 90 percent. The expanded use of AEDS and CPR training is the goal of the Health Department's Start The Heart campaign. The Health Department wants to spread this campaign to every community in DuPage County.

For more information on Start The Heart, call the Health Department at (630) 682-7400.

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Life saved during Hinsdale parade shows importance of CPR


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