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Wed December 4, 2013

DUPAGE COUNTY- The DuPage County Health Department would like to remind residents about the importance of getting an annual flu shot. Flu season can last as late as May and getting a flu shot is the best way to avoid the flu. 

Influenza is a contagious respiratory infection that can lead to serious complications like hospitalizations or even death for some people. Even healthy children and adults can get very sick from the flu.

Flu shots are recommended for everyone 6 months and older. The flu vaccine is particularly important for people at a high risk for developing serious complications from the flu such as; persons under 5 years old, adults 65 and older, pregnant women, people living with a chronic medical condition and people who live with or care of people with chronic medical conditions. The flu vaccine effectively prevents about half of influenza cases in healthy adults and even more in children.

The CDC says the flu shot is safe and recommends it as the best protection against flu viruses. There is no risk of getting the flu from the flu shot. In some cases, people may experience mild side effects like a sore arm at the injection site or mild fever and muscle pain.

Flu shots are available throughout DuPage County at pharmacies and grocery stores. Prices for the flu shot will vary.

Residents are also reminded that good health habits like covering your cough and washing your hands frequently can help stop the spread of germs and prevent illnesses like the flu.

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