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Fri April 19, 2013

When localized flooding occurs, private water supplies may be contaminated.  If your water is contaminated, use only bottled or disinfected water for drinking, cooking, tooth brushing and bathing until you are sure the water supply is safe.  If you have to use tap water, boil it vigorously for at least five minutes. 

Private water wells should be pumped out, allowed to recharge naturally, disinfected and the water tested before drinking or being used for cooking. The DuPage County Health Department does offer well water testing. For information, call (630) 682-7400. For information on well water system disinfection, please visit the Health Department's web site:

Removal and cleanup of floodwater is essential to good health.  Please take the following precautions to prevent injury:

  • Turn off main power switches. Air out and wipe dry all appliances and electrical outlets exposed to water before using.
  • If you have fuel oil or gas systems, be sure tanks are secure and all lines are free from breaks.
  • Wear rubber boots, gloves and a dust mask during removal and cleanup.
  • Open windows to ventilate and dry the area. Fans can be used to help with drying.

To help prevent the transmission of disease and reduce property loss, please follow these guidelines:

  • Discard any contaminated objects that cannot be thoroughly washed or laundered.
  • Wash contaminated surfaces and objects with warm, soapy water and then disinfect them with a bleach and water solution made of no more than one cup of bleach per one gallon of water. For objects that would be damaged by bleach, use a home or laundry disinfectant.
  • Make sure to read and follow label instructions. Do not use ammonia. Ammonia vapors mixed with bleach vapors create a toxic gas that could be deadly.

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