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Health Department supports new Crisis Intervention Coordinator position

Tue March 22, 2016

The DuPage County Health Department offers its support to the DuPage County Chiefs of Police Association which is seeking the appointment of a DuPage County Crisis Intervention Coordinator to enhance the ability of law enforcement personnel and mental health service providers who are assisting residents who are experiencing a mental health crisis.
The Police Chiefs Association recently approved a resolution supporting a DuPage County Mental Health Crisis Intervention Team Training Coordinator in response to an increasing number of instances of interactions with individuals in mental health crisis.
The Health Department is proud to support this resolution as a model practice to address mental health issues in a cost-effective manner that will save lives and maximize public resources while addressing this very important public health issue.
The DuPage County Board of Health and the Health Department recognize the value of working in partnership with organizations who share our commitment to good public health practices. This goal is being pursued with the recent opening of the Health Department's Community Center where our goal is wellness for all by collaborating with multiple organizations to expand and enhance the delivery of mental health services to a larger population of individuals needing these services.
"This new Crisis Intervention Coordinator is needed in DuPage County to strengthen our health care safety net to insure the health of all residents. The Health Department strongly believes this kind of collaboration is the best way to serve the health care needs of our residents," said Karen Ayala, Executive Director at the Health Department.
Hanover Park Police Chief David Webb, President of the DuPage County Chief of Police Association, added: "Increasing the availability of Crisis Intervention Training has been a main goal of our Association. We thank the Health Department for their support in making this happen."

This new Crisis Intervention Coordinator would train more police officers in the Crisis Intervention Team Model, which would result in more Crisis Intervention Training  being available to county police officers. This new position would be created and supported jointly by the DuPage County Chiefs of Police Association and the Health Department.

The Health Department has been an active partner with the Mental Illness Court Alternative Program (MICAP), which is a joint venture with 18th Judicial Circuit Court. MICAP has held 27 graduation ceremonies and has graduated nearly 500 individuals, who were experiencing behavioral health symptoms and were successfully directed from the judicial system into MICAP as an alternative to being incarcerated. The MICAP graduates have obtained employment and increased self-sufficiency.

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