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Wed March 13, 2013

DUPAGE COUNTY-March is Save Your Vision month and the DuPage County Health Department has some tips for people who sit in front of a computer for long periods of time.

Computer users often encounter a variety of uncomfortable symptoms such as headaches, neck strain, backaches and wrist pain. The most prevalent symptoms of prolonged computer use are eye strain, blurred vision and dry eyes.

While decreasing the time you spend at a computer may not be an option, there are ways to maximize healthy vision for comfortable use of the computer.

Here are some tips for healthy, comfortable vision at the computer:

  • Have a regular comprehensive eye exam to ensure your eyes are healthy and that you have the correct eyeglass or contact lens prescription (if necessary). Be certain to tell your optometrist about the computer work you do.
  • Wear glasses that are specifically designed to function comfortably at the computer. The lenses you wear for day-to-day activities may not be the best for working at the computer.
  • Also, rest your eyes, use a humidifier in your work space and use eye drops.

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