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HOPE Taskforce Responds to Opioid Crisis

Tue May 22, 2018


DUPAGE COUNTY-The Heroin Opioid Prevention and Education (HOPE) Taskforce today announced their recommendation on how $100,000 in funding from the DuPage County Board should be used to combat the opioid crisis in DuPage County.

The HOPE Taskforce is an interagency-interdisciplinary advisory group, co-led by DuPage County Board of Health Vice President Dr. Lanny Wilson and County Board member Grant Eckhoff. The Taskforce is comprehensively assessing opioid use within DuPage County and recommending effective and actionable policies, initiatives, and programs.

The Taskforce advises DuPage County elected leaders on ways to address opioid use in the County.

Dr. Wilson said, "As a way to develop a strategy that has the greatest countywide impact, the Taskforce examined the roots of this epidemic and evaluated ways to end this destruction to our community."

"Our first step is to provide funding to support Substance Use Treatment Navigation to help individuals seeking treatment for opioid use disorder, and a Specialty Drug Court for first-time offenders in DuPage County," Mr. Eckhoff said.

The funding for a Substance Use Treatment Navigation system will enable us to ensure a partnership of providers is available to treat substance use as a medical condition in DuPage County. This will also provide an expansion of services to quickly and effectively link individuals to the most appropriate level treatment when they are looking for help.

The funding for a Specialty Court for first-time drug offenders in DuPage County will provide a more comprehensive and supportive approach for individuals struggling with drug use disorders. The goal of this court is to educate individuals and link them to resources that will help them avoid future interactions with the criminal justice system.

The HOPE Taskforce is a joint operation of the DuPage County Board and the DuPage County Health Department, consisting of 18 community members specializing in mental health, law enforcement, the judicial system, substance abuse treatment, prevention and education.

All HOPE Taskforce meetings are open and announced on the websites of the DuPage County Board and DuPage County Health Department. Interested members of the community are invited to attend.

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