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Mon October 24, 2011

DUPAGE COUNTY-Halloween is a fun time for children as they go trick or treating in their costumes. However, some candy treats can quickly spoil the fun. The DuPage County Health Department offers the following food safety tips to help your family have a safe Halloween.

Parents should warn their children not to eat any of their treats before the parents have inspected all candy to ensure that it is safely sealed and no one has tampered with it. Parents should be especially careful with fruit. Wash fruit and cut it open before allowing a child to eat it.

Parents should also examine any toy or novelty items received by children in place of candy. Do not allow young children to have any toy or novelty items which are small enough to present a choking hazard or which have small parts or components that could separate during use and become choking hazards.

The following treats should be discarded:

  • All unwrapped or partially unwrapped treats
  • Any food that looks homemade
  • Any treats that appear to be stale or spoiled
  • Packages that have puncture holes

Contact your local police department if you suspect tampering with any candy.

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