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Mon June 4, 2012

DUPAGE COUNTY-As residents begin attending festivals this summer, the DuPage County Health Department offers a few tips that will keep you and your family safe from foodborne illnesses.

A big part of summer fun for many people is the wide variety of foods offered at fairs and festivals.

 Because foodborne illnesses increase during the summer months, it is even more important to follow food safety steps. Many foodborne illnesses are caused by consuming foods or beverages contaminated with germs.

One reason for the increase of foodborne illnesses in the summertime is that people are cooking and eating outside at places such as fairs and festivals more often. Sometimes, the usual safety controls that a kitchen provides, like thermostat-controlled cooking, refrigeration, and washing facilities, may not be available when cooking and dining at these events.

What should a consumer consider before buying food from a vendor?

  • Does the vendor have a clean and tidy workstation?
  • Does the vendor have a sink for employees to wash their hands?
  • Do the employees wear gloves or use tongs when handling food?
  • Does the vendor have refrigeration on site for raw ingredients or pre-cooked foods?
  • Has the vendor been inspected? Temporary and mobile vendors, like those at fairs and carnivals, should have a license to sell food and beverages. You can check with the DuPage County Health Department to see if the vendors are licensed and if a food inspection has been completed.

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