Mobile Vending

Mobile Vending operations refer to a readily movable truck, trailer, or push cart food service.

For existing mobile vendors, To apply for a permit, Click Here to pay for an invoice 

For new mobile vendors, contact plan review at (630) 221-7045. 

Mobile Vending Forms and Links

2016 Mobile Vending Letter

Commissary Agreement Letter 2016

Mobile Food Vendor Application 2016

Mobile Food Vendor Plan Review Form 2016

Mobile Vendor Risk Type Definitions May 2016

Truck Trailer Cart Checklist 2016

MV Permit Fees



In DuPage County, there are three different ways to provide food service to the public, including a temporary food service permit, annual food service permit or mobile vending permit. Each of these has a specific set of requirements and intended use. A temporary food service permit is for an event where food is served to the public on a temporary basis. This permit is valid for up to 14 dates at the same location and only 2 permits can be issued in one year for up to 28 dates. If you plan to operate for more than 28 dates at the same location, you will want to consider obtaining an annual food service permit. Annual food service permits operate within a building as a food service establishment or retail food store without date restrictions. A mobile vending permit refers to food being sold from a movable truck, trailer or push cart at various locations. Food provided by mobile vendors comes from a business that is licensed and inspected by a health authority. For additional information about any of the permits listed above please, view the section located within this website or click on the hyperlink below. If you have any questions or need additional help, please call (630) 682-7400 and ask to speak to Environmental Health Staff.