Manager Certification

Fact Sheet Table of Contents

What is food service manager certification?

In the State of Illinois the Food Service Sanitation certification requirement is a risk-based system. The requirements in DuPage County for our risk-based system are as follows:

  • Risk 5 and Risk 4 operations must have a certified employee present at all times potentially hazardous food is being handled.
  • Risk 3 operations must employ a minimum of one full-time certified employee.
  • Risk 1 and 2 operations do not require a certified employee; however, at least one is recommended.

To become certified, an 8-hour course approved by the American National Standards Institute-Conference for Food Protection (ANSI-CFP) must be completed. At the end of the course an examination must be successfully completed with a score of 75% or above. The State then notifies the certified individual to pay a fee before a certificate is issued. The certificate is valid for five years.

Renewal notices are sent out by the Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH) 60 days before the Food Service Sanitation Manager Certificate expires. To renew the certificate, you have to complete and pass an 8-hour approved course.

Remember that certificate holders must contact IDPH if they have a change of address so the renewal notice can be mailed to the correct address. The post office will not forward the renewal notice to your new address. If you do not receive a renewal notice or have lost your certificate, contact IDPH at 630-782-4345.

Why is it important?

Knowledge of food safety and sanitation is important for all foodservice workers, but especially for managers and chefs. You have the responsibility to educate your staff and the ability to anticipate problems before they become violations. A base understanding of food safety and the regulations is taught in the certification class.

What to do?

See our listing of IDPH approved Food Service Sanitation Certification Course Providers for numbers to call for information on the available courses near you. Follow this link for answers to some of the more common questions you may have. If more information is needed about courses, renewal of certificates or reciprocity, contact your area sanitarian. As a reminder, you must take the course before you are eligible to take the exam.