Updated: May 31, 2016

Information and Resources for Residents in DuPage County with Concerns about Lead Exposure


1) General federal and state web sites with numerous links:





2) What are the health effects of lead exposure?


3) Who is at risk of lead exposure?


4) Lead in drinking water and human blood lead levels in the United States:


5) What resources are available for clinical lead testing and case management in Illinois?



or contact the Illinois Department of Public Health at telephone number:  (309) 693-5133.

6) Where can I get my child tested for lead?

Contact your child's physician if you have concerns about having your child tested for lead.

7) What is a licensed lead abatement/mitigation contractor and how do I find one in Illinois?


Licensed lead abatement contractors in Illinois can be found in local business resources. 

8) Who can test drinking water from my private well to ensure it is safe?

Please be aware that private well owners themselves have the primary responsibility to test their well water for potential contaminants.   Testing your private well water is especially important anytime you believe the water may have been affected such as after flood water may have covered the top of your well.

The DuPage County Health Department provides basic bacterial and chemical testing services for drinking water at nominal cost and one to two day turnaround.  For a list of laboratory water testing fees go to the bottom of the page at: http://www.dupagehealth.org/environmental-fees .  Feel free to contact our laboratory for assistance or to obtain free sample bottles by calling us at (630) 221-7400.  We have four convenient locations around DuPage County for you to pick up bottles or drop off water samples.

For a list of accredited commercial labs that can provide additional bacterial and chemical analysis (including lead) go to: http://www.epa.illinois.gov/topics/drinking-water/private-well-users/accredited-labs/index .

9) Where can I find information about the presence of lead and other test results for my public water supply system?



or contact your local municipality public works department.