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Oral Health Services

The Oral Health (Dental Health) Programs offered by Community Health Services provide access to dental services for low-income residents of DuPage County that do not have dental insurance or access to care.  The goal of the Dental Health Program is to improve the oral health of DuPage County residents, allowing them to be successful in school, employment and other areas of their lives.

Oral Health Education and Prevention Services

School-based clinical programs such as the Dental Sealant Grant Program and Fluoride Mouth Rinse Program are offered to DuPage County children.  The Dental Sealant Program offers dental exams to all children, regardless of income, that present a positive parental consent form.  Children that are eligible for dental sealants and additional preventive treatment must qualify for the sealant grant or be covered by the ALL KIDS State Program.  The Fluoride Mouth Rinse Program is offered to public and private schools in the county at no charge to the school or families.  The program requires parental consent and is administered by school personnel or parent volunteers.  Both the Dental Sealant Program and Fluoride Mouth Rinse Program are focused on providing preventive care to children.  Through partnerships with College of DuPage Dental Hygiene School and Benedictine University of Public Health, educational programs are offered to community groups and schools upon their request.

Urgent Dental Clinic Services

The DuPage County Health Department offers an Urgent Care Dental Clinic to provide treatment for oral pain, swelling and infection.  The service is targeted for individuals that are unable to perform their daily activities as the result of oral health care problems.  The clinic is located at the DuPage County Health Department in Wheaton.  For additional information about eligibility and appointments, please call (630) 682-7400.

The Smile Squad Mobile Dental Clinic   

The Smile Squad Mobile Dental Clinic, provided by an Illinois Children's Health Care Foundation Grant, travels to schools, community centers and the DuPage County Public Health Centers to provide general dentistry to at risk children.  The Smile Squad offers a range of dental services in locations that are convenient for families to access and minimizes time lost from school and work.

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