DuPage County COVID-19 Dashboard

The DuPage County Health Department, along with DuPage County GIS, have developed an interactive COVID-19 case map. The dashboard links data from the DuPage County Health Department into the GIS Data Systems from DuPage County to provide a greater level of understanding into how the coronavirus disease 2019, or COVID-19, pandemic is unfolding across our communities.

The information on the COVID-19 Dashboard will be updated daily to provide DuPage County residents information about the current spread of COVID-19 and need for healthy distancing and prevention steps to slow the spread of disease. Information around age range, sex as well as community of residence of the cases identified through testing are included. Since testing resources are limited to the most severe cases and at-risk populations, this does not reflect total disease presence in our communities. As testing becomes more available, this information will become more reflective of the actual disease activity in the community.

To enlarge any of the graphs viewed in this dashboard, please hover and click on the symbol located in the upper right hand corner of each graph.

Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) in DuPage County by Ethnicity, Race, Severity,
Long-term Care Facility (LTCF) Outcomes, Underlying Medical Conditions, Doubling Time, Recovery Rate, and Outbreaks by Setting

In addition to the data dashboard provided above, graphs and figures illustrating COVID-19 cases and deaths among DuPage County residents by ethnicity, race, severity, long-term care facility outcomes, underlying medical conditions, doubling time, recovery rate, and Outbreaks by Setting are provided below. DuPage County Health Department remains a convening partner of the safety net in DuPage County, and we continue to strive to address health disparities by providing prevention education and enhancing healthcare access, particularly for underserved and minority populations. Note: The dashboard above and graphs and figures below reflect only COVID-19 cases and deaths which were lab-confirmed among DuPage County residents. The dashboard above is updated daily, and the graphs and figures below are updated weekly.

PLEASE NOTE:  Outbreak-related COVID-19 cases represent less than 10% of our total COVID-19 cases among DuPage County residents, with the remainder being individual cases reported from the community with no identified or reported link or association.  This is a reflection of our ongoing high levels of community activity, which increase risk of transmission in various settings, such as in-person gatherings and shared meals with family/friends, workplaces, and long-term care facilities. These outbreak data represent the “tip of the iceberg,” since cases and outbreaks are largely under-reported and under-counted.


Confirmed cases by ethnicity
Confirmed Case Rates by Ethnicity
Mortality Rates by Ethnicity and Age Group


Confirmed Case Rates by Race and Age Group
Mortality Rates by Race and Age Group


Multisystem Inflammatory Syndrom in Children (MIS-C)

Long-term Care Facility (LTCF) Outcomes


Underlying Medical Conditions

Cases by Presence of Underlying Medical Conditions and Age Group
Deaths by Presence of Underlying Medical Conditions and Age Group

Case Doubling Time

Case Doubling Time among DuPage County Resident Cases

Recovery Rate

Case Recovery Rate

Community and Outbreak-associated Cases

Community and Outbreak-associated Confirmed Cases

Outbreaks by Setting