Food CodeNew Illinois Food Code

Effective June, 2016, the State of Illinois adopted a new food code regulating all retail food service establishments and stores. This  new code incorporates the majority of the Federal Food & Drug Administration(FDA) 2013 Food Code  as well as relevant Illinois Food Safety laws.  

DCHD Environmental Health Staff began using this code to conduct inspections in February 2017. All Illinois health departments will  begin using this code by July 1, 2018.

Follow the link to view or download a copy of the Illinois Food Code

What you need to know ...

Below is a summary of some of the major changes in the Code requirements. Click on the link next to each topic to learn more -

  • Requires that a Person-in-Charge (PIC) be present whenever the establishment is in operation.

The PIC is an individual who responsible for managing and controlling the food safety risks on site,  this is called  "Active Managerial Control "  View the "Person in Charge"  (PIC) Fact Sheet to learn more about the PIC duties.

  • New requirements for employee health and hygienic practices

Every establishment must have clean up procedures for vomiting and diarrhea accidents. View our Cleaning & Disinfection Procedures Fact Sheet

Employees must report and be excluded from work when they have symptoms or are diagnosed with certain illnesses that can be spread through food. Click here to learn about these requirements for  the "Big 6 " illnesses   

  • The new code also requires that the PIC and food service employees are aware of the major food allergens and  their symptoms

Learn more about the Major Eight Food Allergens                            

  • Along with the new code, there is also a  new statewide inspection form with 3 different  violation types. To learn about the new system and see a sample of the inspection report click on the link

New Violation Types 

  • Use this extensive checklist of food service facts by clicking on this link
       Food Safety Facts Index

  • View or download a complete list of educational resources about the Illinois food code by clicking on this link

Educational Resources about the new Illinois Food Code

  • View a list of all of our links to the FDA resources by clicking on this link
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