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COVID-19 Rapid Antigen Test Kit Request Form

  1. Each facility must ensure they meet the following program requirements before submitting a request through this portal.  The DuPage County Health Department will not be providing technical support (i.e., CLIA application guidance or standing orders to perform point-of-care [POC] COVID-19 testing) to assist you in meeting these program requirements. 

  2. **Please note, during times of low supply, the DuPage County Health Department will review and fill requests based on priority need. This will include prioritizing the following: 

    • Schools
    • Veteran homes
    • DHS/DCFS/DJJ facilities
    • Long-term care and assisted living facilities who are supplementing allocation limitations from HHS
    • Facilities experiencing outbreak activity

    This resource is temporary and extremely limited, meaning distribution is not guaranteed. IDPH has expressed that supply limitations currently restrict local health departments from supporting employee testing programs. We strongly encourage all requesting organizations to secure alternative plans for COVID-19 testing

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