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RxBOX does not accept sharps—option provided for disposal at home

Mon April 27, 2015

The DuPage County Health Department's popular RxBOX accepts most prescription drugs for safe and secure disposal, but does not accept sharps, which can puncture the skin of individuals who handle the materials placed in RxBOX containers. 

Sharps are defined as needles or anything else sharp enough to puncture the skin. Sharps should not be placed in RxBOX containers, public trash cans, recycling bins and never flushed down a toilet.

The Health Department has created a "Sharps Disposal at Home" flyer and that is available on the Health Department's website:  www.dupagehealth.org/rxbox

The flyer has detailed information on two ways to dispose of sharps easily and safely:

  • Sharps may be placed in your regular trash (not recycling bin) by simply following instructions in the "Sharps Disposal at Home" flyer.
  • Private companies also offer easy-to-use mail-back disposal services as described in the "Sharps Disposal at Home" flyer.

The RxBOX program was launched in 2009 and has collected more than 25 tons of unwanted medications. RxBOX containers are located in nine law enforcement offices throughout DuPage County. For more information visit: www.dupagehealth.org/rxbox