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Mon April 14, 2014

The Environmental Health program at the DuPage County Health Department has converted to an annualized food permit billing system which will result in a maximization of staff time and resources for the Health Department.

In the past, food facility permits expired at different times throughout the year, resulting in renewal invoices having to be sent out on a monthly basis. This system resulted in inefficient use of Environmental Health and Billing staff time and resources.

The new annualized billing system will focus the resources of staff time dedicated to food permit billing to just once a year while at the same time partnering with a private company to assist in some of the administrative tasks, allowing health department staff to maintain efforts in important areas of their job.

Although the healthcare landscape is currently undergoing transformational change, Karen Ayala, Executive Director of the Health Department, offers the perspective that this innovative solution represents the business strategy that has been employed by the Health Department for many years.  She offers that, "This new system will be beneficial not only for the staff in Environmental Health Division, but for the Health Department as a whole. This new way of managing food billing permits will maximize our financial resources along with staff time, resulting in time and resources to use towards other important areas".

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