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The Health Department stands ready to lead and assist in the preparation, response, mitigation and recovery operations from any emergency. Health Department personnel have received requisite training and have proven to be a valuable asset during crisis and emergency situations. Health Department personnel have been activated and deployed and provided support in emergencies which include the following:

  • Chicago Meningitis Outbreak
  • Flooding (County declared disaster)
  • Severe Winter Weather
  • Northern Illinois University - Active Shooter Incident
  • Suicide trauma intervention
  • Air ambulance crash
  • H1N1 outbreak 

In 2009, the DuPage County Health Department initiated an agency-directed response to the H1N1 Influenza. The Health Department led multiple operations to provide H1N1 vaccinations to the residents of DuPage County, a population of 1 million peoples. During this long term recovery and preparedness operations, the agency committed time and resources to planning and training to prepare for a mass vaccination campaign.