Good Faith Estimate

What is a Good Faith Estimate (GFE)? 

If you don’t have health insurance or plan to pay for health care bills yourself, generally, healthcare providers and facilities must give you an estimate of expected charges when you schedule an appointment for a health care item or service, or if you ask for an estimate. This is called a “good faith estimate.” 

Who does the GFE effect?  

Self-Pay clients are clients who are underinsured, at 200% or below poverty, or have out-of-network plans. Essentially, any client who will be paying out-of-pocket for services.   

How much will my services cost, approximately? 

Please refer to the Good Faith Estimate (GFE) Fee Sheet. Take note that the fees are subject to change when CMS (Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services) or HFS (Healthcare and Family Services) fees change. Refer to this page for updates periodically. Fees indicated on the Good Faith Estimate Fee Sheet are included for specific lengths of time per appointment; the fee may vary depending on the amount of time and complexity of the appointment.  

The Good Faith Estimate Fee Sheet can be found here.

Still have questions after reviewing the Good Faith Estimate Fee Sheet?  

If you scheduled an appointment for services, but are still not sure what your out-of-pocket cost would be, you can call (630) 682-7400 and you will be directed to someone who can assist with your question.   

If you have concerns about your ability to pay for the out-of-pocket costs, you can be connected to staff to discuss your options.  

Please note: We accept many/all Medicaid Managed Care insurance coverage.  We will help uninsured residents find health insurance coverage. And if needed, and insurance is not available, we have a sliding fee scale to further assist.   

Information on Internal and External dispute process 

If your billed amount is $400 or more above the estimated cost, you can call (630) 682-7400 and you will be directed to staff that will assist with your concern. Staff will review your client statement with the clinical service record and discuss if any errors were made in the determination of your fees.   

If you still believe you were charged $400 or more above the estimated cost after speaking with our staff, we can provide you with details on how to file a complaint. 

Clients are responsible for any and all self-pay balances.