All Mobile Food Vendors

The Health Department will review your menu, food handling, and plan information submitted. If approved, an inspection of your truck or trailer can then be scheduled.  A food permit will be issued after passing this inspection.  

Please check with the local/city authorities to ensure compliance with their regulations prior to operation.

Mobile Vendor Application Steps

Submit the Following:

1.    Applications (Mobile Vendor Plan Review App; Mobile Vendor Annual App; Commissary Agreement)

  1. Just as a reminder, a Commissary is a facility that has a valid food permit.
  2. If your Commissary is located outside of DuPage County, submit the most recent Health Department inspection report of the facility.
  3.  Your routes or proposed locations will be needed.

2.    Proposed food and drink menu.

3.    Certified Food Protection Manager Certificate (CFPM). See CFPM Course Info.

4.    Ventilation hood inspection report by a fire safety organization or a local fire department if cooking on the truck.

5.    Equipment layout and equipment specs.

  1.  Specify a screened order window.
  2. All equipment to be NSF approved (household units are unapproved).
  3. All food preparation and storage to be on the truck.

6.    Mobile Vendor Plan Review Fee (which is different from the annual mobile vending permit fee). See Mobile Vendor Risk Type Definitions and EHS Fee Schedule.

Checklist For Submitting Plans:

  1.  Deliver or drop off plans to DuPage County Health Department
    • ATTN:  EHS Plan Review
      111  North County Farm Rd
      Wheaton IL 60187
  2.  Review Mobile Vendor Requirements Checklist
  3.   Allow up to 20 business days for the plan review.