COVID-19 Vaccine

Information for Health Care Professionals (HCP)


COVID-19 vaccination in DuPage County

  • Vaccine Registration - Please note: you will not be able to schedule an appointment until the time is right! Signing up here allows us to contact you with specific information when appointments or clinics are available.  If you want to register please click here.
  • DCHD is working to vaccinate people in alignment with the Phase 1a recommendations from the CDC’s Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) which includes healthcare personnel (HCP), as defined by CDC and further defined by the Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH).
  • DCHD will begin the transition to Phase 1b starting 1/25/21
  • DCHD will continue to provide opportunities for HCP to be vaccinated while also getting started with those newly eligible in Phase 1b. The complete list of groups eligible to receive vaccine as part of Phase 1b is available as part of IDPH’s Mass Vaccination Planning Guide
  • HCP will be required to present verification of their healthcare personnel status, i.e., employee ID badge, check stub, state licensure, or certificate. 
  • Phase 1b eligible individuals will also be asked to provide verification of their eligibility through either photo ID to confirm age-based eligibility or employment verification to identify occupational eligibility. 
  • Based on limited supply of COVID-19 vaccine across the country and in DuPage County we anticipate it may take approximately 12 weeks to vaccinate the nearly 270,000 individuals in DuPage County who meet Phase 1b criteria
  • Vaccination is by appointment only and dependent on vaccine supply.
  • As the vaccine supply provided by the State of Illinois/IDPH is allocated based on county jurisdiction, DCHD is further prioritizing its administration of vaccine for individuals who reside, work, or attend college/university in DuPage County. Individuals presenting for vaccination at a DCHD location may be asked to provide verification of residence, employment, or school attendance within DuPage County. 
  • Currently, we are only providing vaccinations to individuals 18 years and older.
  • Vaccination prioritization will continue to change as COVID-19 vaccine supply increases in the coming weeks. 
Last Updated: 1/21/21

Enrolling to Receive and Administer COVID-19 Vaccine

Entities that are interested in enrolling to receive COVID-19 vaccine (for receipt and to administer) must enroll in the Illinois Comprehensive Automated Immunization Registry Exchange (I-CARE). By enrolling in I-CARE, a provider is agreeing to the terms and conditions of the I-CARE system. I-CARE will be used for enrolling providers, tracking vaccine administration, and submitting orders for additional vaccines. To learn more about enrolling please review the following information from the Illinois Department of Public Health:

COVID-19 Mass Vaccination Guidance for Providers

COVID-19 Vaccine Provider Agreement

What is I-CARE?

COVID-19 Vaccine Information for HCP

Find information for COVID-19 vaccination administration, storage and handling, reporting, and patient education for each specific vaccine.

COVID-19 Vaccination Toolkits from CDC

Get audience-specific toolkits that will allow you, your healthcare team, and other staff to:

  • Build confidence about COVID-19 vaccination among your healthcare teams and staff.
  • Provide your health professionals with tools they can use to educate patients and answer questions.
  • Provide proper storage and handling information to your audience. Remember: all vaccination providers participating in the COVID-19 Vaccination Program must store and handle COVID-19 vaccines under proper conditions to maintain the cold chain as outlined in the toolkit and addendum.

Share Ad Council Videos in Your HCP Digital Communications

We are joining forces with the Ad Council, the COVID Collaborative, HHS, CDC and NIAID (along with top health and medical organizations) to support your efforts to address patient questions about COVID-19 vaccines. Use Ad Council resources, including videos with an introduction from Dr. Anthony Fauci, to help you ease concerns, guide conversations, and instill confidence in the vaccination efforts. We’re in this together.

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Last Updated: 1/15/21