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About DuPage Health Matters

DuPage Health Matters is a 501(c)(3) organization established by the DuPage County Board of Health for the purpose of funding innovative and strategic initiatives. The DuPage County Health Department (DCHD) is on the front lines providing services such as COVID-19 pandemic emergency services, behavioral health services, clinical services for Medicaid recipients, and providing education and advocacy in the area of community health. 

Through philanthropic endeavors, the mission of DuPage Health Matters will be realized. Gifts from individuals, companies, and organizations will help us battle pandemics, support first responders with Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), and continue to provide services to those facing the greatest behavioral health needs or public health necessities for women with infant children, vaccines, and dental services. 

DCHD has been an innovative leader in developing new strategies to provide strategic public health services. With the help of generous donors, DuPage Health Matters can continue to provide innovation now and in the future. 

Board Members

DuPage Health Matters is led by a volunteer three-member board that could be expanded to as many as sixteen members, who have an interest in being part of an organization that is able to assist in the funding of public health problems such as pandemics, opioid epidemic, behavioral health service innovation, basic necessities for the homeless, dental services, preventing the spread of viruses and disease and vaccinations for children and adults.

2021 Fundraising

DuPage Health Matters is registered for Giving DuPage Days, which allows donors to help us reach our goal. Giving DuPage Days is a 5-day online fundraiser event occurring April 26th through 30th to support local nonprofit organizations serving DuPage County. Now, more than ever, we want to help these local charities who provide critical services to those in need, improve lives and make our community stronger. In these 5 days, DuPage Health Matters, in recognition of these difficult times has set a modest goal to raise $7,500 to fund initiatives that can make a difference. As the organization grows, funds may be used to:

Increase Behavioral Health TreatmentProvide Education and Service Children and Pregnant Mothers Increase Dental Services for Adults/Children
Support and Training for
 Public Health Workforce
Increase Substance Use Disorder Treatment for DuPage residentsIncrease Food Safety Efforts


Interested in Donating?

Click Here to visit the DuPage Health Matters page on the Giving DuPage website. As we celebrate our 76th anniversary, a $76 donation celebrates every year of our Department's existence. 

Take the $76 challenge today and support the foundation of public health in DuPage.

Updated 4/15/21