BHS Appointments During COVID-19

During this time, it is important to us to help you maintain your behavioral health care. We have made changes to our services to ensure that you still receive your treatment in a way that is safe and supportive.

Current Counseling/Case Management Clients

Our clinical staff are now scheduling appointments by telehealth (phone or video). You can contact your clinician directly or call 630-682-7400 and ask to be transferred to their voicemail.

For video-based appointments, your clinician or case manager will provide you with instructions on how to connect through your smart phone or home computer.

Current Psychiatric Services Clients

If you are due for a follow-up appointment with your prescriber, we are now scheduling appointments by telehealth (phone or video). Please call 630-682-7400 to schedule your appointment. 

If you are scheduled for a telehealth appointment by video, instructions are available on how to connect to our virtual waiting room via phone or tablet as well as PC or laptop

Crisis Services

Our crisis services are still fully available, 24 hours a day, 7 days per week. Simply call 630-627-1700 to be connected to one of our emergency services counselors.

Intake evaluations for Mental Health & Substance Use Treatment

While the COVID-19 situation has changed how we do things, we are still here to help. If you are a NEW client seeking mental health or substance use treatment, please call 630-682-7400 to schedule an evaluation. Intake appointments for adults will be at one of our office locations and will be in-person appointments. Evaluations for children and adolescents may be provided in-person or by telehealth. 

If your appointment is scheduled via telehealth, our staff will provide you with instructions on how to connect through your smart phone or home computer.

Intake Forms

The documents listed below are typically reviewed in person during the first appointment (or as required, such as in the case of releases of information, annual reviews, etc.). If you begin treatment with our staff by phone or video, you will be asked to review these documents and provide verbal consent before your evaluation. At your first in-person appointment, you’ll be asked to provide your signature. You will have the chance to ask any questions you have before starting your evaluation. 

English Forms Spanish Forms 
Notice of Privacy Practices (PDF)Aviso de Prácticas de Privacidad (PDF)
Client Rights (PDF) Derechos del Cliente (PDF) 
Authorization to Release Information (PDF) Autorización para Divulgar y Revelar Información (PDF)
Substance Use Authorization to Release Information (PDF)Consumo de Sustancias Autorización para Divulgar y Revelar Información (PDF)
Client Handbook (PDF)Manual del Cliente (PDF)
Privacy Notice & Consent to Treat (PDF)Consentimiento para Tratamiento y Aviso de Privacidad (PDF)
BHS Consent to Share (PDF)