Mission, Values and Vision


The DuPage County Health Department promotes physical and emotional health; prevents illness, injury and disability; protects health from environmental risk factors; and strives to assure the provision of accessible, quality service.


Integrity - Demonstrating the highest ethical and professional standards using honest communications and actions.

Collaboration - Developing and maximizing relationships to improve access and health outcomes in the community.

Accountability - Responsible planning and management of human and financial resources.

Respect - Showing courtesy and understanding for all with whom we interact.

Excellence - Setting and striving to achieve the highest standards of public health service through innovation and demonstration of outcomes.


Presence in the Community - To be viewed as the community leader in the assessment, preservation, promotion and protection of our citizens' health.

Education - To be a catalyst to educate citizens so they are engaged in proactive health and disease management.

Quality - To define performance standards and outcome measures to continuously improve program development, implementation, and service delivery. The Health Department will attract and maintain quality staff.

Integrated Service System - To promote internal and external partnerships that foster a seamless system of service delivery.

Policy Development - To identify key policy issues confronting public health and advocate for policies that optimize the health of the citizens of DuPage County.

Fiscal - To meet public health challenges while maintaining a sound fiscal position in order to optimize community health practices.

Everyone, Everywhere, Everyday.

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