How to Request Your Medical Records

Please Note: The DuPage County Health Department only has access to medical/immunization records for people who have received medical services or immunizations from the Health Department.

The DuPage County Health Department maintains client medical records in accordance with regulatory standards. These standards do not require that all client records be permanently retained. Depending on the date and type of service, client records may no longer be available for access and reproduction.

To release or obtain your medical information from the DuPage County Health Department, here is what you need to do:

  • Download the release form in English or Spanish.
  • Complete all sections of the Authorization to Release Client Information.
  • The Authorization must be completed in full, signed by the client or the client’s legal representative and witnessed.
  • Hand-deliver, mail, or fax the signed request to the DuPage County Health Department, Attention: Medical Records.
  • Clients 12 to 17 years of age must sign in addition to the Parent or legal representative. *Behavioral Health Only.
  • There is no fee for medical record requests sent directly to a physician or healthcare facility for continuing care purposes. The DuPage County Health Department will provide one copy of an "abstract" at no cost to you. Additional records requested outside of the "abstract" will be assessed a reasonable copy fee.
  • Immunization records, dental records and Tuberculosis records will be provided free of charge.

What Is An Abstract?

An abstract is a summary of documents related to your care/treatment. The abstract includes documents completed within the last year or the last document that was completed if the date is longer than one year.

 Documents in the abstract include:

  • Discharge Summary
  • Mental Health Assessment
  • Individual Treatment Plan
  • Psychiatric Evaluation
  • Psychiatric Progress Notes

There are fees associated with obtaining paper and electronic copies of your medical record. Allowable fees are governed by state and federal laws and are subject to change. Records not contained in the abstract will be assessed a reasonable copy fee. Fees for records outside of the abstract are outlined below.

2022 Copy Fees

Handling/Processing Fee*Copy Pages 1-25Copy Pages 26-50Copy Pages in Excess of 50PostageCopies Made on CD
$25$1.18 per page$0.79 per page$0.39Based on weight$5

*Assessed when records are retrieved from storage.

When picking up records, you will be asked to provide a state or federally issued photo ID. Unless arrangements have been made in advance, we will not release information to individuals other than the client or their legally authorized representative.

How to Revoke your Authorization to Release Information

You have the right to take-back (revoke) your authorization to release information. To do this, you must put your request in writing and mail it to:

DuPage County Health Department
Attention: Medical Records
111 N County Farm Road
Wheaton, IL 60187

Or, drop it off at one of our Health Center locations.

This request will not apply to any disclosures:

  • Already made when the release of information was in place,
  • Made for the purposes allowed by HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) and the Illinois Mental Health Developmental Disabilities Confidentiality Act, or
  • Made as required by law.

Find the Revoke Form here – Revocation of Release of Information Form.

The DuPage County Health Department (DCHD) retains medical record information according to state and federal laws. DCHD is not required to retain all records permanently. Depending on the date and type of service, medical records may no longer be available for access or reproduction.

How to Request your COVID-19 Vaccine Record

Complete the Authorization to Release Immunization Records form and fax with your signature to (217) 524-0967 or email to [email protected]


Register for Illinois Resident Immunization Portal (Vax Verify)

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If you have any questions, please call the Illinois Department of Public Health Immunization Section at (217) 785-1455