Internships and Volunteer Opportunities


The DuPage County Health Department welcomes the opportunity to host interns in most service units. These opportunities will be posted along with other open job opportunities on the Human Resources website. Health Department internships are paid positions.

Unpaid Internships

Unpaid internship opportunities are not the norm; however, these may arise if formal agreements with schools are in place. The Health Department maintains agreements with schools that have formal programs in-place and are not normally maintained for individual students.

Volunteer Opportunities

The DuPage County Health Department does not maintain a volunteer program. If you are interested in volunteering to work with clients who visit our Community Center, please contact the staff at NAMI DuPage. In order to protect client privacy, we do not offer the opportunity to volunteer within other areas of the DuPage County Health Department. However, we recommend that you visit Giving DuPage, an organization dedicated to promote giving and volunteerism opportunities in DuPage County.

Student Inquiries for Information

We recognize that interviewing those who work in the field of public health for projects and assignments is a common requirement in many undergraduate- and graduate-level university programs. We love to talk about what we do! Please contact us well in advance of your assignment due date.