Employee Health Requirements

DuPage County has consistently been recognized as one of the healthiest counties in Illinois. In fact, DuPage County has been ranked in the top five for several years. That means we take the health of our clients, visitors and employees seriously too!

Health Tests and Immunizations

All employees, contractors, volunteers, etc. are required to adhere to the Health Department's Health and Wellness Policy. This policy requires the following health tests and immunizations in order to conduct business on behalf of the Health Department:

  • Influenza: All staff must present evidence of immunization against influenza within 30 days of hire and annually thereafter. The Health Department coordinates on-site clinics to help you meet the annual requirement.
  • Two-Step Tuberculosis (TB) Test: All staff must complete a Two-Step TB test within 30 days of hire. This test consists of two separate tests. The second test must be read within 48 hours of administration. Proof of testing within the previous 60 days prior to hire is accepted. Annually, all staff providing direct service to Health Department clients must complete TB testing. The Health Department coordinates on-site clinics to help you meet this annual requirement.
  • Measles: Newly hired employees must provide documented evidence of immunity against measles within 60 days of hire. This documentation must describe whether you've had the disease, you've had a positive titer (blood test result), or you've obtained the required vaccinations for measles.
  • Hepatitis B: Newly hired employees must complete documentation describing whether you have completed the vaccine series (three injections over the course of six months) or do not consent to receive this series within one week of hire. The Hepatitis B series of vaccinations is available at no-cost to employees.

Drug and Tobacco-Free

The DuPage County Health Department provides a drug- and tobacco-free environment for employees, clients, and visitors. All public health centers, Health Department parking lots, and other worksites in the community are smoke-free as well.