Child Care Facility Snack Food Policy

The DuPage County Health Department Environmental Health Services has developed a snack policy to help you serve healthy and safe snacks to the children in your care.

Because you do not have approved kitchen facilities for the preparation of meals, we have considered those foods that can be safely handled in the classroom.

As always, you and the children need to wash your hands before snack is served and eaten.

The following is a list of acceptable snack items:

  • Commercially prepared, non-potentially hazardous food may be served from the original container or in single-service packages, such as:
    • Animal crackers
    • Cookies
    • "Goldfish" crackers
    • Graham crackers
    • Other snack crackers
  • Fruit that does not require washing, such as oranges or bananas. If you must slice them, a disposable knife must be used.
  • Commercially prepared pre-cut and pre-washed fruits and vegetables, such as carrots, celery, and apples.
  • Single-service prepackaged puddings, gelatin, or cheese that does not require refrigeration.
  • Juice or fruit drinks that are ready to drink, served from the original container. No powdered or concentrate juices that require mixing will be allowed.

Remember that homemade food including baked goods may not be served. If you wish to serve milk or any other food outside this list, a food-handling permit will be required.