Join a Coalition

Community Initiatives leads coalitions working to reduce substance use and increase mental wellness, including the:

  • Behavioral Health Collaborative
  • The DuPage County Heroin/Opioid Prevention and Education (HOPE) Taskforce
  • Prevention Leadership Team
  • Reality DuPage

Behavioral Health Collaborative

The Behavioral Health Collaborative (BHC) is a cross-sector partnership of DuPage County leaders that works collaboratively to identify and implement data-driven strategies that improve access and quality of behavioral health services for all DuPage County residents, to advocate for aligning resources and funding and to educate the community about the signs and symptoms of mental illness.

Focus and Goals

The BHC is currently focused on developing and improving processes to serve individuals with mental health issues that are involved with the justice system. The long-term goals of the BHC are:

  • Providing and promoting easily accessible community resources to individuals with mental health needs
  • Reducing the number of individuals in DuPage County Jail with a mental illness


The BHC meets every three months and meetings are open to anyone interested in attending. If you would like to join the BHC or learn more, please email Scott Kaufmann.

The DuPage County Heroin/Opioid Prevention and Education (HOPE) Taskforce

The HOPE Taskforce is a joint operation of the DuPage County Board and the DuPage County Board of Health. The Taskforce consists of members from many sectors in the community, specializing in mental health, law enforcement, adjudication, substance abuse treatment, prevention and education. To learn more about the HOPE Taskforce and its framework, visit HOPE DuPage. Taskforce meetings are open to the public with opportunities for public comment.

The Prevention Leadership Team (PLT)

The Prevention Leadership Team is a county-wide coalition working toward the following goals:

  • Identify and advocate for environmental and policy changes that will lead to the reduction of youth substance use
  • Increase awareness and access to services
  • Increase mental health among DuPage County youth, 18 and under
  • Reduce substance use among DuPage County youth, 18 and under

The PLT holds monthly meetings and anyone can become a member. Join the PLT.

Reality DuPage

The Reality/Teen Board to the DuPage County Health Department is open to any high school student within DuPage County. The mission of Reality is to make a lasting impact on the lives of youth through education on substance use, policy change and positive youth development.

Students gain information and tools to strengthen their leadership skills and advocate for healthy lifestyle behaviors in our community. Reality meets weekly during the summer and monthly during the school year. For more information, visit DuPage Prevention Leadership Team.