DuPage Narcan Program/Opioid Initiatives

During the COVID-19 Public Health Emergency

The DuPage Narcan Program will continue to supply program sites, first responders and community members with Narcan. 

Supply will be coordinated by contacting [email protected] for a specific time and date. 

Beginning March 23, the supply days/times will be Tuesday and Thursday mornings from 9:00 am – 11:00 am by appointment. 

For more information on Narcan and overdose response, please visit www.hopedupage.org.

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DuPage Narcan Program

The DuPage Narcan Program (DNP) has a single Mission Objective: Save Lives.

The DNP increases the number of first responders and community members trained to recognize and respond to an opioid overdose, and increases their access to Narcan (brand name naloxone). Since its inception in 2013, the DNP has recorded over 500 overdose reversals. The DNP is a collaborative effort of the:

  • Chiefs of Police
  • DuPage County Coroner
  • Health Department
  • Sheriff
  • State’s Attorney
Annual Reports
2014 DNP Annual Report coverDNP Annual Report 2014 (PDF)2015 DNP Annual Report coverDNP Annual Report 2015 (PDF)
2017 DNP Annual Report coverDNP Annual Report 2017 (PDF)2019 DNP Annual Report coverDNP Annual Report 2019 (PDF)
2020 DNP Cover (PNG) Opens in new window2021 DNP Annual Report-01 Opens in new window

Learn more about the DuPage Narcan Program (DNP). The site includes information about upcoming training, data on overdose reversals in DuPage County and DNP annual reports.

Heroin/Opioid Prevention and Education (HOPE) Taskforce

The HOPE Taskforce is a joint operation of the DuPage County Board and the DuPage County Board of Health. The Taskforce consists of members from many sectors in the community, specializing in mental health, law enforcement, adjudication, substance abuse treatment, prevention and education. The framework of the Taskforce includes: reducing access to drugs; reducing opioid misuse; increasing overdose response; prevention and education; and treatment and recovery.

Learn more about the HOPE Taskforce and its goals.