Disease Reporting

Per Illinois Administrative Code, DuPage County health professionals, school staff, food service management, transportation personnel and any other person having knowledge of a known or suspect case, or carrier of a reportable communicable disease or communicable disease death shall report the case, suspect case, carrier or death in humans to the local health authorities within the number of hours or days indicated.

Reportable Diseases List (PDF)

The Reportable Diseases List (PDF) outlines the conditions that must be reported to DuPage County Health Department in accordance with Illinois Law, and the time frame in which reporting must occur: immediately, within 24 hours or within seven days. This document also lists the appropriate telephone number(s) to call in order to make a report.

For additional guidance, see the Illinois Department of Public Health's Communicable Disease School Nurse Guidance.

Chickenpox Case Report Form (PDF)

Each case of chickenpox (varicella) must be reported within 24 hours of receipt of notification from a parent, guardian or healthcare provider. The Chickenpox Case Report Form (PDF) requests information that is to be collected and reported to DuPage County Health Department. Please complete the entire form and fax to 630-510-8923.

School Absenteeism Reporting System

Our online School Absenteeism Reporting System helps us to keep track of influenza-like illness in our schools. Click "Register" to create a user account if you don't already have one. After creating a user account, please log in to enter your school's absenteeism data.