Mental Illness Court Alternative Program (MICAP)

The Mental Health Court Alternative Program (MICAP) assists those who have become involved in the criminal justice system due to issues that were driven by the person's behavioral health condition. MICAP provides a sentencing alternative with the focus on integrated treatment services that divert the person from traditional prosecution.

The MICAP program provides office and community-based services that include individual/group counseling, case management, psychiatric services, integrated health programming and team collaboration with the 18th Judicial Circuit Court Department of Probation and Court Services.


The MICAP program is for adults, 18 and older. In order to determine eligibility, the DuPage County State's Attorney, the person's attorney, and the judge must all agree with the referral for a screening. If all parties agree, a formal screening and mental health assessment are completed to determine clinical eligibility. If you or someone you know would like to learn more about entering this program, discuss directly with your attorney about a referral to MICAP.