Environmental Health Program Fees

These fees are adjusted annually, based on the Consumer Price Index, effective December 1, 2022.

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Late Fees

  • Add 25 percent for an annual permit or license fee that has not been paid by the expiration date.
  • Add 25 percent for temporary food service permits that are not obtained at least three days before the event start date.

Annual Food Service Sanitation Permit Fees

Fee Type 
Late Fee
Annual Food Permit Category I - School$998$249.50
Annual Food Permit Category II - School$625$156.25
Food Establishment
Follow-Up Inspection
Food Service Consultation Inspection$259$64.75
Milk Only permits - Schools$93$23.25
Risk Type 1$998$249.50
Risk Type 2$625$156.25
Risk Type 3$279$69.75
Seasonal Food, Six Months or Less, Annual Category
1, 2 or 3

Annual Mobile Food Vendor Permits

Fee TypeCostLate Fee
High Risk Type 1M$500$125.00
Medium Risk Type 2M$406$101.50
Low Risk Type 3M$187$46.75

Temporary Food Permits (non-refundable)

Fee TypeCostLate Fee
High Risk Type 1T$245$61.25
Medium Risk Type 2T$150$37.50
Low Risk Type 3T$75$18.75

Multi-Location Temporary Food Permits 


Fee TypeCostLate Fee
High Risk$1,093$273.25
Medium Risk$625$156.25
Low Risk$343$85.75
Cottage Food Registration Fee$50

Plan Review Service Fees

Fee TypeCostLate Fee
Conditional Food Permit$262$65.50
Food Product Assessment Review$61
Food Plan Review Consultation Inspection$259$64.75
Food Service Variance Request Review $120
Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) Plan Application Review$181
Mobile Vendor Plan Review$250
Plan Review Resubmittal (3rd and subsequent)$314
Priority Plan Review$998
Reopening Inspection of Closed Facility Due to Enforcement Action$245
Type I Plan Review$250
Type II Plan Review$625
Type III Plan Review$998

Lab Fees

Test TypeCost
Water Analysis for Coliform$32
Water Analysis for Nitrates$16
Water Sample Fecal Coliform Test$38
Water Sample Hardness Test$25
Water Sample pH Test$25
Water Sample Quantitative Nitrate$32
Water Sample Quantitative Total Coliform Test$38

Well and Septic Permits and Application Fees

Fee TypeCost
Annual Non-Community Water System Permit$256
Annual Surface Discharge Operating Permit$126
Combined New Well and Septic Application$968
New Private Sewage Disposal System Permit and Plan Review$625
New Water Well Permit Application$343
Permit to Seal a Well$156
Plan Review Well or Septic Permit Resubmittal$126
Priority Plan Review for Well or Septic$563
Private Sewage Disposal System Renovation Permit or Septic Repair Permit$314
Supplemental Well Conversion$126
Variance Request Review Fee for Well or Septic$279

Building Site Evaluation Fees

Fee TypeCost
Site Evaluation - Type I$156
Site Evaluation - Type II$256

Spa Pool, Swimming Pool and Water Slide Fees

Fee TypeCostLate Fee
Conditional Permit Swimming Facility$262$65.50
Swimming Facility (Seasonal Operation)$313$78.25
Swimming Facility (Year-Round Operation)$589$147.25

Last Reviewed: 8/18/2023