Temporary Food Services

A temporary food service permit is required when food is served to the public during an event.

  • To apply for any type of temporary food permit, please view our online application to login or register.
  • To apply for Cottage Food Operation approval, start by sending an email requesting a cottage food registration form. Once your request is received via email, an EH Specialist will contact you to start the registration process. As of January 1, 2022 there is a Cottage Food Registration Fee of $50. For general questions regarding Cottage Food Registration reach out to Dorisanne Williams.

Risk Types

Fees and requirements for Temporary Food Service Permits are based on a risk type. Your risk type is determined by the menu items and the amount of food preparation to be done on-site (see definitions below). Once you know your risk type, refer to our fee page to find out the proper amount.

Final determination of risk type and fee are made by the area Environmental Health (EH) Specialist. For any questions regarding your risk type determination, contact the area EH Specialist.

Risk Type Definition

  • Risk Type 1: Foods with minimal to no handling during preparation and service
  • Risk Type 2: Potentially hazardous foods that require limited handling and assembly on-site prior to cooking or serving or non-potentially hazardous foods that require extensive on-site preparation
  • Risk Type 3: Potentially hazardous foods that require extensive preparation or assembly on-site prior to cooking or serving.

Please Note

  • Environmental Health Services staff reserve the right to limit menu items to assure food safety
  • Fee exempt organizations must still obtain a permit and are subject to all permit requirements