Department Overview

DuPage County Health Department

The DuPage County Health Department (DCHD) was established through a referendum vote in November 1944 and began operations in March 1945. The Health Department aims to protect the health of residents and visitors through services provided. The Health Department is certified as a local health department by the Illinois Department of Public Health and as such, must fulfill specified responsibilities.


Responsibilities of the Health Department include:

  • Assisting communities in recovery and assuring the accessibility of health services
  • Preventing epidemics and the spread of disease
  • Promoting and encouraging healthy behaviors
  • Protecting against environmental hazards and injuries
  • Responding to disasters

Departments Reporting to the Board of Health

The departments reporting to the Board of Health and Executive Director include:

  • Behavioral Health
  • Business Resources
  • Client Access
  • Communicable Disease and Epidemiology
  • Community Health Resources
  • Public Health Services

Staff and Budget

Overall, the Health Department has a staff of 550 full time and 34 part-time employees. The operating budget for Fiscal Year 2019 is $52,003,248.


The Health Department operates out of the central office in Wheaton, Illinois, but also has satellite locations.

The Board of Health establishes policies and approves the budget, programs, and services of the Health Department. Please refer to the following website link for more information regarding the Board of Health.

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