Yellowjacket Alert

Fact Sheet Table of Contents

Did you know...
food - yellowjacket 1Yellowjackets are most frequently encountered when they scavenge for food. They are attracted to places where sweet foods have been made available throughout the summer such as picnic facilities and food stands. Yellowjackets are also attracted to open cups and cans of soda and juices, as well as open cans of garbage.

You should know...
food - yellowjacket 2Yellowjackets are often mistaken for honeybees. Be careful, yellowjackets are easy to provoke especially in the fall and unlike honeybees, can sting more than once. These stings have developed into a defense mechanism for the yellowjacket and they will attack with force, if their nest is disturbed.

What should you do?
food - yellowjacket 3To reduce the number of yellowjackets attracted to an area, good sanitation practices must be started in the spring. Encourage your customers and wait staff to properly dispose of garbage frequently so that yellowjackets have no source of food. Seal up openings that may attract yellowjackets. If active nests are found, consult with a professional pest control operator. Never take matters into your own hands.