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Illinois Project for Local Assessment of Needs (IPLAN)

The IPLAN was developed by the Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH) and outlines the five year strategic planning activities required for certification as a 'Certified Local Health Department.' Click HERE to view a brief history of IPLAN in Illinois and DuPage County.

Mobilizing for Action through Planning and Partnership (MAPP) -
MAPP is a community-wide strategic planning tool used for improving public health by helping communities prioritize public health issues, identifying resources for addressing those issues, and taking action. In August 2010, the DuPage County Health Department completed the 2015 IPLAN MAPP planning process.  The six MAPP phases and assessments are listed below. The Health Department used MAPP, and the following assessments, to develop its 2015 Community Health Improvement Plan. 

MAPP Phases

Phase 1: Organize for Success: Report (PDF) or Attachments (PDF)

Phase 2: Visioning: Report (PDF)

Phase 3 : Assessments

Local Public Health System Assessment - Provides an overview of the local public health system's capacity to provide the "10 Essential Public Health Services."  Report (PDF) or Attachments (PDF)

Forces of Change Assessment - Assesses the factors that impact the health of the community and identifies the forces that influence the local public health system's ability to address these factors. Report (PDF)

Community Themes and Strengths Assessment - Requires community partners to identify and prioritize pertinent health issues in DuPage County. Report (PDF), Attachments (PDF), or Asset Maps (PDF)

Community Health Status Assessment - Provides a comprehensive analysis of the County's health status. Report (PDF)

Phase 4: Identify Strategic Issues: Report (PDF) or Attachments (PDF)

Phase 5: Formulate Goals and Strategies: Report (PDF) or Attachments (PDF)

Phase 6: Action Cycle:  Report (PDF) or Attachments (PDF)