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Swimming pools, spas, water slides and beaches

Swimming pools, spas and, water slides and bathing beaches fall into two basic categories: residential or public. 

Residential or private pools and spas

In DuPage County, residential or private water facilities are defined as those serving a residential home. The Health Department does not issue operating permits or inspect residential swimming pools or spas.  

Public pools and spas

All other water facilities, such as commercial swimming pools and spas, are considered to be public and require an operating permit each year. To ensure health and safety, staff members in Environmental Health Services at the DuPage County Health Department inspect local public facilities several times each year to check on water quality and overall maintenance of the pool and spa facilities. In addition, the Illinois Department of Public Health reviews and issues construction permits for all public pool and spa facilities in DuPage County.

You may contact Environmental Health Services at (630) 221-7400 if you have questions or concerns about any public recreational water facilities within DuPage County.


Illinois Department of Public Health, Illinois Swimming Pool and Bathing Beach Code

Federal laws affecting pools and spas:


Click here for information on the 2007 Virginia Graeme Baker Pool and Spa Safety Act (VGBA)

(The VGBA was signed into law to prevent injuries and deaths of swimmers.)

Click here for information on the 2010 Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)

(The ADA requires pools and spas to install certain types of devices to assist people with disabilities to enter or exit pools and spas.)

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