Mechanical Dishwashing

Fact Sheet Table of Contents

Why is proper dishwashing important?

Proper dishwashing is an important part of a good sanitation program. Mechanical dishwashing relies on a machine to wash, rinse, and sanitize. A dishwashing machine may use hot water or a chemical as the sanitizer.

What to do?

food - mechanical dishwashing

What should be used?

Operating instructions, including the correct water pressure (20 psi), should be posted. If the water pressure is too high or low, the sanitizer will not be effective in sanitizing dishware.

Temperature gauges should be checked before each use. The correct temperature of each cycle should be maintained according to manufacturer specifications.

When hot water is used to sanitize, the water temperature should reach 180°F.

When chemicals are used to sanitize, test strips must be available to check the proper concentration (e.g. Chlorine 50-200 ppm).