Manual Dishwashing

Fact Sheet Table of Contents

Why is proper dishwashing needed?

Proper dishwashing is an important part of a good sanitation program. Correct dishwashing involves five steps:

  1. Scraping
  2. Washing
  3. Rinsing
  4. Sanitizing
  5. Air Drying

These steps should be done manually.

What to do?

food - manual dishwashing

What should be used?

  1. Bleach (Chlorine): 50-200 ppm
  2. Iodine: 12.5-25 ppm
  3. Quaternary Ammonium: 200 ppm

Concentrations below these levels are not effective and concentrations above these levels can be toxic. To ensure the correct amount, always read the label directions and use test strips to check the concentrations.