Integrated Pest Management

Fact Sheet Table of Contents

What is Integrated Pest Management (IPM)?

IPM is a system that uses physical, biological, and only as a last resort, chemical means to maintain, control or eliminate unwanted insects and vermin.

The IPM approach involves both the food service manager and the licensed pest control operator working together.

Three steps to IPM are:

  • Clean the entire facility and remove any unnecessary/unusable items. Eliminate any unused equipment, shipping containers, and miscellaneous items. Clean all surfaces including casters, legs, undersides of equipment, and areas subject to food and mop splatter.
  • Caulk all cracks and crevices, especially around plumbing lines and wall trim. Repair damaged walls, floors, fixtures, and structural material to enhance area cleaning and eliminate possible areas for pests to hide.
  • Chemical controls applied only used by a Licensed Pest Control Operator. A Pest Control Operator can apply residual chemical barriers into cracks and crevices in areas where pests live and breed.

Why use Integrated Pest Management?

  • You can decrease the chances of pest infestations by maintaining a clean, well constructed facility.
  • You can save money through decreased use of expensive and potentially dangerous chemicals.
  • You can decrease losses of products and stock due to pest contamination.