How To Open A Child Care Center

The following is a list of steps, which will aid you and your organization in opening your center in DuPage County.

Step One: The Initial Inquiry

Contact the Environmental Health Services for information regarding standards, plan review guidelines, and for any questions regarding your project. If serving food, a food permit is required. A copy of our food construction guide and plan review application is available upon request.

Step Two: Submit Plans

One set of building plans are to be submitted, including the child care facility plan review guide, food service plan review form, and the food service plan review fee payable to DuPage County Health Department. (*if serving food)

Step Three: The Review Process

The area Sanitarian reviews the plans.

Step Four: Approval Process

Plans may need additional information or changes prior to approval. In addition to personal consultations, correspondence indicating the status of a proposed plan for a child care center will be sent to the applicant.

Step Five: Initiate On-Site Construction

Upon receipt of all necessary information and approval of plans, notification is sent to the applicant to begin construction. The approval letter details a series of inspections that are required prior to your opening day.

Step Six: Inspection

Listed below are inspections that will need to be scheduled with the area Sanitarian.

  • Plumbing Rough-In
  • Pre-Opening
  • Operations Opening

Child Care Center Opening Checklist

Did You Remember To ...

  • Contact the Department of Children and Family Services for licensing information.
  • Contact your local building and zoning department for their requirements.
  • Contact your area Sanitarian at the local public health center.
  • Submit complete building plans and plan review forms.
  • If serving food, submit plan review fee, and enroll in a Food Service Sanitation course for your certified manager's certificate.