Hot Foods

Fact Sheet Table of Contents

Why Are Food Temperatures Important?

The major causes of foodborne illness are improper cooking, cooling, reheating, and holding temperatures.

What Are The Required Temperatures?

Proper cooking temperatures vary according to the food being cooked.

Food Item Final Cooking Temperature
Poultry, stuffed meats, and stuffed fish 165°F
Reheated Foods 165°F
Pork 155°F
Ground Meat and Hamburgers 155°F
Other Potentially Hazardous Foods 145°F
Rare Roast Beef 130°F

What to do?

Cook foods to the proper temperatures and take the temperature with a probe thermometer. Reheat foods in the oven and check temperatures before placing on a steam table or hot holding unit. Never use the steam table to reheat foods. Hold all hot foods at 135°F and check temperatures frequently.