Garbage Area Maintenance

Fact Sheet Table of Contents

Why is garbage area maintenance important?

Proper storage and disposal of garbage and refuse is necessary to minimize odors, eliminate breeding places for insects and rodents, and keep food service areas clean. Improperly handled garbage creates nuisance conditions, makes housekeeping difficult, and may be a source of contamination of food, equipment, and utensils.

What to do?

  1. Keep dumpster closed at all times. Open dumpster lids attract pest birds, insects, animals, and creates an odor problem.
  2. Don't set garbage outside the back door on the ground. Garbage on the ground attracts pest birds, insects, and animals, and can lead to pest problem in the building.
  3. Break down cardboard boxes. Boxes that are not flattened before being placed in the dumpster take up space needed for garbage disposal.
  4. Bag all garbage/food waste in plastic garbage bags. Garbage not placed in tightly sealed plastic bags cause odors and attract pests.