FORWARD’s Three-Year Strategic Goals Focus on Worksites, Early Childhood, and Schools

Impact DuPage, a county-wide effort to address the complex needs of DuPage residents, gathered input about the health issues affecting our county. As a result of this data and community input, five priority areas were chosen for focused attention, improved coordination and resources: Healthy Lifestyles, Affordable Housing, Mental Health, Access to Health Services, and Substance Abuse.

Impact DuPage has asked FORWARD to provide the leadership to address the Healthy Lifestyles priority area. Over the next 3 years, FORWARD will work with community leaders and key stakeholders to improve nutrition and physical activity within schools, worksites, and for children in the early childhood years. This is where YOU come in! Do you want to improve the health of your community? Do you work in a DuPage business? Is your little one enrolled at a childcare center? Does your child or youth attend school? Are you engaged in your community in making change? Then this work needs your help. We invite each one of you to become familiar with the three-year goals below and to partner with FORWARD to help us meet or exceed the objectives. When you are ready to assist in making change, you can check out resources and next steps here: for worksites, for early childhood centers, and for schools.

Healthy Lifestyles Goals for December 31, 2018 in DuPage County

Through policy, system, and environmental changes, reduce obesity prevalence from:

  • 23.9% to 22.7% in adults aged 20 and older
  • 15.1% to 14.4% in kindergarten, sixth grade, and ninth grade public school students
  • 15.7% to 14.9% in 2-4 year olds enrolled in WIC (the USDA’s Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, and Children)

How Are We Going to Do It?

Partner with Worksites:

  • Hospitals implementing strategies to reduce sodium in their cafeterias, vending and/or patient menus, improve their food and beverage environments, and physical activity opportunities
  • Worksites, including the DuPage County Health Department and the DuPage hospitals, receiving recognition from American Heart Association’s Health Achievement Index, WELCOA, or other nationally-recognized worksite wellness recognition program
  • Worksites implementing comprehensive employee wellness plans, including environmental, policy, and program supports

Partner with WIC and Early Childhood Centers:

Partner with Schools:

Need more information on why worksites, why early childhood, or why schools? Want to see the full three-year plan with strategies?


Ready to reach out to your worksite, early childhood center, or school to assist them in making change? Check out resources and next steps here: for worksites, for early childhood centers, and for schools.